Answers to your questions

Can we observe a class?

Yes, absoutely, but we encourage you to jump in by signing up for the two week trial. This will give you a better idea of what the classes are really like.

Do we have to attend every class?

No, testing is done on an individual personal basis. Kids who attend more often progress quickly but are not required to attend every scheduled class. We undeerstand that families are busy these days. Fees are per month no matter how often you attend however.

Can parents jump in?

Yes. Parents are always encouraged to join in, especially with the Tigers class. If the parents want to learn and test with their child then fees are half off for the parent. However, if the parent is in the adult program the discount does not apply.

What does my child need to start?

Loose comfy clothing and a water bottle. Classes are barefoot.

Can my child bring a friend?

If the friend wants to start a trial then yes! The friend can observe from the waiting area with an adult. However unattented children in the waiting area will be traded to ninjas for new weapons.

When can my child start?

Today! Classes are ongoing, each child learns and tests at their own pace so they can begin anytime.